Sophia Brown Looking at a brighter future

There is an air of confidence about Sophia Brown these days. Not only is she looking even better than before but she goes about her business like a woman who knows that she is beginning to make her mark, like someone who is closer to accomplishing her goals.


“I really feel great knowing that since 2007 it’s been tremendously hard work, non-stop working. And I realise that the harder I am working, I am seeing what I am working for and I am truly grateful for that,”

she says, as she takes a seat at a table by the pool at the Hilton and a mild breeze catches her soft shoulder length hair.

She was scheduled for a meet-and-greet at a local radio station – a testament to her growing popularity – and is dressed for the occasion in a very short grey jean skirt, matching print blouse and killer heels. She looks hot and feels great and it shows.

Brown’s single, Weak for You, has been getting frequent play on radio stations and the video is on all the local cable channels. The song is also the number two song on Television Jamaica’s music charts.

album promotion tour

She recently returned to Jamaica following a successful three-and-a-half-week album promotion tour of the United States and Canada. “It was great how they received my music,” she said. “I really want to keep up that trend.”

She performed at Caribana in Canada, and had shows in Virginia, Michigan, Baltimore and Philadelphia and other cities where the turnout, she said, averaged between three and five thousand people. She also performed in a few clubs where more than a thousand people turned up each time to see her perform.

Brown tells THE STAR that when she returned to the island she discovered that since the release of her album she has had more than 12,000 friend requests from Jamaicans on her Myspace page.

“I would mainly get foreigners,” she said. “Also, when I go out in the street now, I am more recognised by the fans.”

Her co-producer Syl Gordon, also greeted her with a sales report that said her album Weak For You has been downloaded 6500 times in the past couple of months. Her fan base she believes, is getting bigger.

Brown aims to capitalise on her growing fame and has another tour in the United States planned before year’s end. After that she returns to Jamaica to relax with her two kids and family for the holidays before starting work again in the New Year.

Source: JamaicaStar


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