Sophia Brown not resting on her laurels

Sophia Brown is getting a lot of love these days. Sales of her album, Weak to You, have been going well since its release in late April. Sales have been especially strong in Europe, she says. “Europe has been tremendous in their support, and Canada as well,” the petite singer reveals.

She recognises, however, that she needs to do more work here in Jamaica as her fan base is not where she believes it should be. “Here in Jamaica, a lot of people think I am not from Jamaica,” she explains. “I realise I have to do a lot more groundwork in order for people to catch up with me and my career. But people are catching up and they are giving me support which I am grateful for. I am hoping to do a lot more here in Jamaica but I know I have to travel to promote the album elsewhere.”

The album that features the hit single Weak to You and Precious with Junior Kelly, and her personal favourite, Hold Me Tight, is available on all major downloading sites and is also quite popular in Florida, but Brown is cognisant that if she wants to hit the big time she has to target larger markets.

She has not done much promotional work in the major US markets so that is where her focus will be when she heads north this summer. “I plan to do radio, a lot of radio. I have done a lot of shows in the United States, but not so many in New York.” Following her trip to the US, she will return to Jamaica before taking off again for Canada.

And while the album has been doing well in Europe, she is leaving nothing to chance. “We’ve planned a three-month winter tour there and then we’re going into Israel to do about five shows,” she said, acknowledging that reggae music is huge in Tel Aviv. “The first time I went to Israel I went with Cutty Ranks and Prezident Brown in 2002 and I didn’t realise how big the music was there until I got there. It was then that I realised that I need to do some more promotion there and then, when I came out with the album, promoters wanted me there to do some promotional work for the album.”

She also has plans to tour Brazil where her music has been gaining some traction.

Source: JamaicaStar