Spice takes flight again

Dancehall artiste Spice is resting her wings for a few days after performances in Miami, Tobago and Orlando last week.

Her rest, however, will not last long, as she takes flight tomorrow for a performance in Trinidad.

Not only have her songs been receiving regular rotation on the airwaves, especially her newly released single, Bad Mind on the Equinoxx label, but the songs have also continued to surface on a number of charts.


spot on the chart

The single, Nuh Daggerer, copped the number 14 spot on’s Top singles for May and is currently in the #20 spot on the Richie B/HOT102 FM Top 20 Dancehall Singles chart, while Ramping Shop is in the #4 spot on Riddim Jamaica (ezine’s) Top Dozen Video Roundup Chart.

Spice returns to the island on Monday.

Source: JamaicaStar