State of the Art Technological Innovation of Volcano Vaporizers

The Volcano Vaporizer is a state of the art aromatherapy vaporizer for releasing active elements from herbs, liquids and oils through vaporisation with hot air instead of combustion. The Volcano is proven to lower the amount of harmful chemicals normally inhaled by smoking thus providing a safer alternative to smoking

The Volcano Vaporizer comes complete with a variable temperature control from 130 °C (226 °F) to 226 °C (439 °F) perfect for releasing the flavoring and active ingredient in all substances before combustion occurs, thus resulting in a cleaner, nicer and healthier hit with no carcinogens.

Storz & Bickel are also the first and only vaporizer manufacturer in the world to implement a quality managment system in accordance with ISO 9001:2008. In December 2009 Storz & Bickel were the 1st manufacturer certified for making the Volcano Vaporizer to the highest quality and safty specifications .