Kyng Tavii: Detention

Kyng Tavii is back with another hilarious skit, watch “Detention” featuring Jamaican vlogger Dihalli.

LOL: Booty Call (Gone Wrong) (8JTV)

What do you do when you’re broke, but want some action at the same time? Guess you setup the perfect situation in hopes that it turns out well. Unfortunately for...

Kyng Tavii: More Than Friends

Check out another funny skit from Kyng Tavii titled “More Than Friends”

Jamaican Divorce Court: Santa Claus vs Mrs. Claus

Jamaican Divorce Court: Santa Claus VS Mrs. Claus Dutty Berry Show Christmas video, a spoof of Divorce Court. What if Santa and his wife got a divorce? Follow Jehneel...

Rare footage of early Eddie Murphy stand up

Throwback: Eddie Murphy – New York The Big Laff Off (Rare stand-up footage) Another rare footage of Eddie Murphy’s funny stand-up performance. The world already know Eddie is a legendary...

Kyng Tavii: Teddy Story

Kyng Tavii is back with another funny skit, watch “Teddy Story” then check out his website

Kyng Tavii: Trying To Study

@KyngTavii drops another funny skit that everyone trying to study can relate to, watch “Trying To Study”