Teflon explains his controversial song “Nah Tek No Talk”

(St Mary, Jamaica) After the dust settled from STING 2011 “Rumors Of War”, reggae/dancehall artist Teflon was left with many things on his mind, and as most artist do, he expressed himself through his art with “Nah Tek No Talk”.


As most fans took the time to listen they understood that the single “Nah Tek No Talk” was basically a review of STING 2011 “Rumors Of War” and not a diss to anyone as some people are suggesting. Teflon merely gave his own review on the event and on his role on stage. He explained that he prepared himself to clash, as STING had been branded as “Rumors Of Wars”. Far from a veteran in this business he knew and understood that this mean a lyrical war, nothing personal, just entertainment, and he was ready for it.

After a tumultuous year and some fight from certain entities, Teflon felt better and had a new outlook on his career after ST Mary Mi Come From”, but it seemed that the day after STING, some people took his stage lyrical war personally, and thus went back to old ways.

He stated about the song “Mi affi keep it real, keep di truth and keep di fyah burning. Free up di hyah mind, free up myself cause di truth shall set di I free. People fraid fi chat, no disrespect thing but mi affi free up”.

Listen Teflon “Nah Tek No Talk”

Source: Mpr Consulting/Shuzzr PR