The “Rifle” Finally Triggered

Young gun Romani of Disento Entertainment has released his long anticipated dancehall riddim entitled “My Rifle/My 16”.

The riddim has been circulating throughout the underground of the dancehall fraternity for some months now. It has been featured on many popular internet radio stations and has already been dubbed the “it” riddim for most young artist performances at shows.


The modest 18 year old producer Romani said and I quote “I didn’t really think the rifle wudda ‘shot’ suh” then chuckled. “Di great one’s” riddim, though requested by and recorded on by 20 plus well known and sum forthcoming artistes only has a concisely selected 7 Tracks. However, it has been blessed by the likes of dancehall veteran Danny English, popular member of the Fagan Fraternity/Alliance Flexxx, Kari Jess, G Maffiah and also contains hits from debut deejays “Approach”, “Bigga Vybz” and last but not least Chedda who’s song on the riddim has already been climbing the international charts (now # 5 in Germany).

Though overwhelmed with the success of his creativity to fuse dark hardcore sounds with a mixture of “nowadays” dancehall, techno and hip-hop he still never forgets to give props where they are due by shouting out Kemarish Studios located in Greendale off Redhills road, which was the grounds where the phenomenon riddim was recorded and his associates of Disento Ent. Some of which are former Tony Rebel of Flames Production engineer-the late Ejon Peart a.k.a “Cd Assasin” (1988-2008) whose birthday (February 3rd) was the release date of the riddim, upcoming promoter Yung Wun and others who have classified their names confidential.

Romani has also stated that he never gets lazy when it comes to his music and by no means will give up in his rise to fame.
With the season of carnival and soca fast approaching Romani gave a few hints on upcoming projects, those in the pipeline and beyond. With his natural knack for music, this young man seems very promising and we are sure we will hear ‘great’ things from him in the near future.

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Article by: Yung Wun

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