God Bless You, My Son – Dancehall/Trap Dancehall Documentary

God Bless You, My Son – Dancehall/Trap Dancehall Documentary

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A short documentary about Dancehall and Trap Dancehall in Jamaica.

The youth of Jamaica have been gifted the power of the internet, and they are here to tell their own stories, young prodigies of their esteemed forefathers in Dancehall. Despite the success of the upcoming artists, the sound has been met with backlash due to many of the songs’ explicit content pertaining to violence…

Starring: Roze Don, Iiboy, Iwaata, Skeng, Malie Donn, Marksman, Biggs Don, Vijan, Roshawny BadG, Govana, Chemist, Brysco, Kash Promise Move, Enigmatic, Childando, Steel Chest, Cidigi, 17, Skeng’s Father, John Coop, Daze Records, Jahnvito, Navaz, Sinna Sixx, Starrdoll, Walk And Talk, Stubban, Frank White, Juggla, Powa Don, Humility, Nile

A Film By Nathan Miller

Director: Nathan Miller
Co-Director: Anthony Williams
Producer: Nathan Miller
Assistant Producer: Cara Vickers
Photographer: Setor Tsikudo
Driver: Carl Williams, Anthony Williams, Martin Miller

Post Production: Electric Theatre Collective
Colour Executive Producer: Oliver Whitworth
Colourist: Connor Coolbear

Audio Facility: Factory Studios
Audio Producer: Ciara Wakely
Sound Designer: Frankie Beirne

Editor: Nathan Miller

Instagram: www.instagram.com/heylooktheresnathan/
Twitter: www.twitter.com/nathanmillerldn

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