Huge King Crab 🦀 Rundown!! Jamaican Seafood Tour – Jamaica! 🇯🇲

Huge King Crab 🦀 Rundown!! Jamaican Seafood Tour – Jamaica! 🇯🇲

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Jamaican Seafood – Today was dedicated to Jamaican seafood – and what a another memorable day in Jamaica it was. We scored big with some amazing fresh Caribbean King Crab, which I didn’t even know as a thing – and we had an amazing day of fresh Jamaican food!

Smokeez by the sea ( – Our first stop for the day was in Montego Bay, Jamaica, at a laid back chill out spot called Smokeez by the sea. While we were there, a fisherman came in with his fresh catch including barracuda. So along with the pepper janga (crayfish) and some jerk octopus, we also got a taste of ultra fresh escovitch barracuda. Amazing place, great hospitality.

Far Out Fish Hut – North Coast, Jamaica – Next up we started driving down the North Coast of Jamaica, and made a quick stop at Far Out Fish Hut to eat a simple dish of fish tea. It was mainly fish bones and a few spices boiled until comforting and delicious. It’s the way to get started on a Jamaican seafood feast.

Rock Wharf Luminous Lagoon ( – But our main goal for the way was to get the seafood, fish, lobsters which Matt brought, and the Caribbean king crab we bought, with us to the beautiful Rock Wharf in Falmouth, Jamaica.

They cooked an amazing array of Jamaican food for us, including Escovitch fish, Jamaican Steamed Fish, Bammy, mahi mahi in an amazing marinade, and finally King crab rundown! What a dish and what an outstanding place.

For our final activity of the day, we took a boat in the luminous lagoon once it was dark – but unfortunately due to weather conditions, we weren’t able to see the luminosity of the lagoon. Typically the luminous lagoon illuminates with bright colors. Unfortunately, we were unlucky tonight. Next time!!

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