The Boss of Rasta Jamaican Food – Legendary Ras Mokko at Ras Kitchen

The Boss of Rasta Jamaican Food – Legendary Ras Mokko at Ras Kitchen

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The Boss of RASTA JAMAICAN FOOD!! πŸ‡―πŸ‡² Legendary Ras Mokko at @Ras Kitchen with Mark Wiens

SUNNING HILL, JAMAICA – It was truly an honor to have a chance to hang out at Ras Kitchen in Sunning Hill, Jamaica, with the legendary Rasta Mokko and Matt. We had an amazing time hanging out, learning from Ras Mokko’s knowledge of ingredients, cooking, and life, and eating delicious Jamaican Rasta food. #Rasta #Jamaica #JamaicanFood

We arrived to Sunning Hill, found Matt ( who films and operates Ras Kitchen, and then we headed down to the yard to meet Ras Mokko.

Ras Mokko got started cooking a few of his signature Rasta Jamaican foods – today on the menu was red herring and ackee rundown with fresh coconut milk. This was just our first course, which Ras Mokko served along with fresh roasted breadfruit. The combination of ingredients and the creaminess of the ackee was spectacular.

After lunch we had one of the most unique beverages I’ve had – hand-squeezed soursop, with condensed milk, and Guiness. It was unique and somehow worked perfectly. It was deliciously sweet, fruity, and foamy.

In the afternoon, we took a swim in the river, and one of the highlights was Ras Mokko taking us on a tour of the garden and herb farm where he grows many of his own ingredients that he cooks.

Finally, to wash it all down, Ras Mokko made a Rasta herbal tea, including a mix of medicinal herbs.

An incredible day in Sunning Hill, Jamaican, and a Jamaican Rasta food experience with the legendary Ras Mokko and Matt of Ras Kitchen!

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