Vybz Kartel unleashes 'Sting' on Antigua

Vybz Kartel gave a workmanlike performance at Sting Antigua, held last Saturday, at the popular Millers by the Sea.

Kartel was the Last Man Standing. The final act for the night, ‘Addi the Teacha,’ as he is called by his peers, was in concert.

He had the patrons in a frenzy, rolling out a barrage of hit songs from his lyrical arsenal including Life Sweet, Picture This, Trailer Load A Money, Beyonce Wine, Tek, Wine Up and Wine Pan You.

A favourite in Antigua

His Rampin’ Shop collaboration with Spice got three encores. The Antiguans loved Kartel and the song that was recorded immediately after the clash with Mavado is already a favourite in Antigua.

Spice, the lone female on the bill, gave a commanding performance. The raunchy, entertainer performed Fight Ova Man,along with other songs. She also invited a male patron on stage to do the ‘Sky Daggaring’ which got thunderous applause.

“Antigua a my place. Anytime I perform here the audience always want more, the man them love me and the woman them scream fi mi,” noted Spice.

Love mi vibes

Egg Nog, who sang and danced, got three encores. “The Antiguans love mi vibes. I was surprised to know that they know my song Party Time Again. Antigua mi ready again, it’s was all about the party,” said Egg Nog.

Shano O had Lightning Flash in the venue, the people showed a lot love for his Ghetto Prayer and Crab Inna Barrel.

“Anytime I perform here the audience just show me a lot of love and mi give thanks fi that,” he said.

Flippa Mafia, flossing Dem Yah and Dem Yah did the usual throwing of money (three times) and spraying into champagne in the audience and got a good response.

Sting Antigua was promoted by R Five Entertainment.

Source: JamaicaStar