Walshy Fire: Top 5 US Sounds, Black Chiney Clashing, Waggy T & King Addies

Major Lazer/Black Chiney’s Walshy Fire shares his thought’s on everything sound clash related with Gibbo.

Listen to the interview to find out

* Who his top 5 American sounds are
* His views on Canadian sounds
* If Black Chiney are accepting offers to clash
* What it would take to get Waggy T to clash again
* His opinion of King Addies current line up
* Who he thinks will win this year’s “UK Cup Clash” and “War Ina East”
* Which juggling sounds he feels can make a real impact in the clash arena
* His thought’s on innovation in the clash scene
* What he thinks is wrong with the “Redbull Culture Clash”
* And much more

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