War Professa “Fix Dancehall” Warning to Demarco, J Amsterdam & Ricky Carty 2014

War Professa addresses the freaky issue in Dancehall, warns Demarco, J Amsterdam & Ricky Carty other so called “freaky” artiste. Listen his new single “Fix Dancehall”.

(VLOG)War Professa – Foota Hype get “Baxxx” a Cockburn Pen 2014

To start the week dancehall artiste Demarco released “Ride” a music video which features himself having a threesome with two females fully exposed. Shortly after Ricky Carty released the first dancehall “adult” music porno video “Gyal Tek Cocky” and just yesterday J Amsterdam openly admits to performing oral sex in his new single “Come Wine Inna Face” and we anticipate a video for that soon.