Who Owns the Diplomats?

Diplomats Dipset

This story first broke at the end of Feb., but a new statement just came out about who really owns the Diplomats name and logo. Obviously, the only reason this is being brought up now is because of the turmoil within the Diplomats camp. Read below :

As recently as November of last year, there were still disputes about who really owned the Diplomats brand. Digga, a Harlem-based producer and former Dipset affiliate, came out of the woodworks claiming he was the rightful owner of the Diplomats brand, and he even went so far as to say he had the paperwork to “prove” it.

Well, after a little detective work, we discovered that the true and rightful owner of “The Diplomats” brand name is one “Cameron E. Giles.”

That’s right. According to records from the U.S. Patent Filing Office, Cam’Ron filed for ownership of “The Diplomats” name and logo in October of 2005 and retains full ownership.

But ownership of the “Diplomats” brand name may actually come down to semantics. Although Cam owns “The Diplomats,” Jim Jones filed to use the name “Diplomats” on CDs and DVDs in 2006, and followed that up with a filing to use the name on clothing in January of 2007, which all amounts to a poor attempt at getting some equity in the Diplomats brand a little too late.

So although Cam’Ron owns “The Diplomats” name and official logo, Jim Jones still has the right to use “Diplomats” on CDs and clothing, but not the logo. And in case you were wondering, Cam’Ron also owns ALL the rights to DIPSET. Sorry Jimmy.

Source: HhnLive