Young Buck Declares His Independence, "f*ck G-Unit"

Young Buck

A video has hit the net showing Young Buck dissing G-Unit and discrediting 50 Cent at a small club performance in Tampa, Florida over the weekend.

Performing alone on stage to his previous hits like “Shorty Wanna Ride,” the former G-Unit rapper appeared to surprise fans after an audience member screamed “G-Unit, n*gga!” as he quickly responded to the shout-out.

“F*ck G-Unit, n*gga, I’m gonna give you what you really wanna hear, ’cause Florida n*ggas wanna really know what the f*ck really be going on with Buck,” Buck replied.

Rather than going in to his next song, Buck decided to speak for nearly two minutes explaining the controversy that began immediately following his royalty check statements he made against 50 Cent earlier this year.

“When I made the statement, ‘I ain’t ever seen no royalty check,’ I didn’t say that sh*t saying that the n*gga 50 done took money from me or none of that whole sh*t. Or that the n*gga owe – I said it ’cause it’s real,” he affirmed. “And when I say sh*t, I mean the sh*t. He took it in a different way. I guess the n*gga felt like I’m airing out family business or whatever.”

Instead of stopping there, Buck continued to air out the head of G-Unit by comparing his street credibility to his own.

“He feel like he got a whole lot ’til the n*gga hit rock bottom and he got to crawl his a** back up,” he said. “The difference between me and a motherf*cking 50 Cent is that I could hit the gutter-[and] I can get back in the streets. He couldn’t go back-[or] do the same.”

Before preparing to perform “Stay Fly,” Buck promised the crowd that he was only going to focus on himself and if anyone does business with the Cashville star, it better be sincere and not just a handshake.