Aidonia denies involvement in shooting incident

Sheldon Lawrence, also known as Aidonia, is denying any involvement in a shooting incident which led to him being in police custody.

Aidonia, who is still in police custody awaiting an identification parade, was arrested on Saturday. He was taken into custody after the incident.

A press release issued yesterday stated that “He (Aidonia) wishes to assure the public, local and international, and his many fans that he is innocent of all allegations and that in due course his name will be cleared. His management is extremely surprised at the allegations as they appeared in THE STAR January 8, 2008.”

The Grants Pen police told THE STAR that investigations had unearthed that the shooting incident occurred on Saturday, January 5, after a man had allegedly stabbed up a car belonging to either Aidonia or someone from his entourage.

The release further went on to claim that the incident did not involve two men but a group of men who came to the artiste’s community to make demands on him, which he refused to comply with. It added that Aidonia fled the area when it appeared that he was going to be attacked. It was when he left the community that he received a call about the shooting and went to the Grants Pen Police Station to make a report.

Initial police reports are that two other men came on the scene shortly after and were thought to be the person(s) who damaged the car.

They were allegedly driven down by Aidonia and his entourage. The police further went on to say that according to the information received, the men were cornered, a gun brought into play and they were beaten and one of them shot.

One man, Demar ‘Demmy’ Palmer, managed to escape but was reportedly killed the following day as he stood among a group of friends in a lane off Red Hill Road St. Andrew.

In ending, the release also added that “Aidonia and his management wish to disassociate themselves from any involvement in or support for criminal activity or violence of any nature.”


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