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Damhixx Sells Affordable Lies

Damhixx Affordable Lies

Fast-rising dancehall artist Damhixx is already causing a stir in many musical circles, especially after releasing a very controversial new single entitled “Affordable Lies”. However, the young singjay says he is not endorsing any specific activity as he is only reporting the news from the street as he sees it.

“I call it how I see it a just di truth brawling yuh zimmie. I am not endorsing any kind of illegal activity but in reality that is what is happening in the street right now and just like a journalist my job requires me to relay the truth in a creative way. It connect because a di truth” stated Damhixx.

The Clarendon-born entertainer says he feels very excited about the prospects of becoming a global star. According to the artiste, many musical pundits have been very supportive and the fans have been very receptive towards his music.

“Di ting a work Suh yuh know we can’t complain. From di fans a feel di music and the industry a give me the run me haffi say thanks” stated Damhixx.

Currently, Damhixx is busy in studio recording for a cluster of top-notch producers and is also promoting his new single Narcotic and Affordable Lies.