Press Release

Dehshaa Ready For The Road


Emerging singjay Dehshaa says he is ready to climb the musical ladder and he is confident that he has the full package required to become a household name locally and internationally. The witty lyricist and melodic young talent says he has been steadily gaining experience and honing his skills over time and is now ready to unleash his music into the universe.

“I am a perfectionist so I literally spent a few years just crafting my sound and mastering my delivery because I did not just want to release music and sound like everyone else. I am ready for the road right now and me have di bad song dem Fi prove it a just time” stated Dehshaa.

Born Nickoi Smith the Allman Town native who initially wanted to be a soldier but was soon bitten by the musical bug and has never looked at any other career option since.

“Music is like a very addictive drug once you get hooked that is it for any other passion. My focus is music and I am in process of releasing a cluster of singles along with music videos suh yuh dun know is a good look yuh zimmie” stated Dehshaa.

Currently, Dehshaa is gearing up to film the music video for his collaboration with British rapper King Starts which is produced by UK-based record label Charge 425 Records.