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Knavi Wants To Become A Global Brand

knavi balmain bomber

Dancehall artiste Knavi has been aiming to capture the international music market for some time now and according to several musical pundits his ambition is warranted and close to becoming a reality. The Balmain Bomber singer says he has his sight set on becoming a global musical brand and is already putting things in place to tackle major global markets.

“Music comes with stages but without a doubt the long-term goal is to become a global brand. This is the reason why I try my best to create universally relatable music such as Balmain Bomber and many other songs with that kind of feel. However I my first goal is to fully establish myself in Jamaica”

The St. James native has many reasons to smile considering the fact that his latest single entitled “Balmain Bomber” has already racked up over 1 million streams in a matter of days since its release. Social has also been very active for the artiste as several social media personalities have publicly expressed how impressed they are by the high standard of both the song and video. According to Knavi he was very meticulous about the look of the video and the wordplay in the song as he wants to showcase his versatility.

Currently, Knavi is busy in the studio working with several top-notch producers as well as promoting his new single entitled “Balmain Bomber”.