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Teddy Bruk Shut honored in Song by Mechanic the T.I.D

Mechanic T.I.D

You are not Jamaican if you have never watched Shottas. The acting skills of the legendary Louie Rankin O/C “Teddy Bruk Shut” created some of the most memorable acting scenes ever filmed by a Jamaican. Such was the cultural impact of Teddy Bruk Shut that a Trinidadian rapper who goes by the name of Mechanic TID decided to pay tribute in song to the legendary one.

Let’s get to know more about Mechanic TID:

Biography of Mechanic TID:

Mechanic T.I.D., legally known as Stephen Sampson is a Hip-Hop artiste/songwriter, born on 4th March 1989, in the twin island Republic of Trinidad and Tobago. Mechanic began his musical journey in a local church choir as a toddler.

Fast forward young adult and no longer being under the order of his parents he changed his musical focus to align with his passion for Hip-Hop music.

In search of a stage name, he wasn’t one for being similar or common with the “lil or “young” trend. Building his own sports cars “toys” is also a talent he possesses so his friends called him “The Mechanic” and the name stuck. No longer just a grease monkey but a recording artiste. Mechanic’s first live performance was the spark which ignited his love for Hip-Hop as an artiste even greater.

Since 2010 Mechanic has been recording music but, it was only in 2016 Mechanic released three demo mixtape singles named: Ketchup, California Dreaming, and Hustle which he performed with back then. 2018 the song that started to generate traction to him was popularly known as “Who dat”. The hook of said song has the name “Mechanic” constantly repeated which gave the audience the need to sing as well.

Mechanic entered talent competitions, and open mics, had interviews on numerous radio stations and Television networks in Trinidad, and then met the likes of Prince Pronto in 2018  where they made history by fusing “Trap” music and Soca together. This led to the two artistes touring St. Maarten during December 2018 to January 2019

Mechanic’s drive grew in 2019 when he started working on new music with popularly known producer/engineer Noble Touch, which included features with fellow artists Corie Dan, Tep Vr, Dm Grizzy, Kyngdom and Oseja James. At the same time, Mechanic worked on a number of solo projects.