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Trapp Gad Gives Chopping Lecture

trapp gad

Dancehall artiste Trapp Gad has sent tongues wagging following the release of a bold single entitled “Lecture”. The song has been labelled a chopping song but according to the artiste it is a fun song for the enjoyment of his fans which should not be taken literally.

“What is life without laughter? I am an entertainer so I have to create content that is unique but also relatable to the street. Lecture is a street song and fun song I don’t want it to be limited with a chopping song label because it covers many topics” stated Trapp Gad.

The deejay gained popularity following his previous release entitled Sacrifice which was also a very controversial release.

“Fi big Inna dancehall yuh can’t boring yuh haffi change up yuh vibes and sing about many things. As my career grows my versatility will be on display” stated Trapp Gad.

Currently, Trapp Gad is busy promoting his new singles entitled “Lecture” and “Fraud”.