Vybz – the man, the music, the rum!

Deejay Vybz Kartel is busy in the studio and out with a slew of new tunes and his own liqueur.

As a hot and controversial year closes for the deejay, 2008 promises new avenues for Kartel – in and out of music. ‘Addi di Teacha’ has been on the streets and at the hottest events promoting his his new rum entitled ‘Vybz Rum’. This will be Kartel’s first major endorsement with a beverage company. The rum is yet to be officially distributed, but is planned to be done by Vybz Distillers Limited, a subsidiary of the company that created Pimp Juice.

Black money

Kartel elaborated, “Vybz rum is an endorsement deal with a close friend of ours to bottle our own alcoholic beverage. Black people consume a lot of alcohol, but at di end of the di day, it don’t come back to us. We need to help further the yutes of Jamaica, ’cause we an’ di ghetto yutes need to start do di business ting.”

According to the artiste, Vybz Rum is for, from, and by the dancehall. So far Vybz Rum seems to be kicking on the streets, as the deejay claims that everyone who has tasted it has given a positive response. Kartel was also working on a clothing line, but had to put that on hold until Vybz Rum is running the dancehall.

Hit makers

Meanwhile, Kartel continues to turn out the hits with songs such as Squeeze, Work It Like A Factory and countless others. His Portmore Empire is also making strides with Black Ryino releasing his album soon as well as Sean Storm’s album, which is to be released in 2008. The empire has also been touring the world from Europe to the French Caribbean.

As for Kartel’s much anticipated album, Vybz Kartel presents Addi Di Teacha, which was to be released early 2007, Vybz Kartel is still working on releasing his masterpiece as soon as possible. “I’m bringing back the art of story-telling, like Biggy and Tupac. It’s not going to be a best of LP, but crazy exclusives – a real album,” he said.