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Yardy Cashflow Wants To Save The World

Uprising dancehall artiste Yardy Cashflow has many reasons to smile of late considering the fact that is he much closer to achieving his goal of becoming an international dancehall star.

The USA-based entertainer says he is very happy about the positive response to his latest singles entitled Boogie and Save The World which have been added to mainstream playlists in Jamaica, USA and Africa.  The lyrically potent deejay says it can be quite difficult to make progress musically as a dancehall artiste who resides in the United States but dur to his passion for music and will to succeed he always finds a way to create content.

I am very happy about the feedback I am getting at present because it has not been an easy journey but it has been one that has been rewarding and a learning experience. Being an independent dancehall artiste in America is not easy however when you know what you want then nothing phases you. I want to be a musical mogul not just an artiste because I want to correct some of the structural problems I have noticed in dancehall

Yardy Cashflow

Born Ricardo Johnson, this Kingston native says he survived the gritty streets of Rockforth and Seaview Gardens by using music as his saving grace. He outlines that music was always his chosen form of expression and invested majority of his free time into music which prevented him from getting involved in the street life.

“From me a youth me tell myself seh me haffi become a musical leader suh me never medz the negative energy I was always about my money and my music because I am doing this for my people and not only myself. The youths of today need more artistes to be role models and not just entertainers plus the government not doing enough for the culture in terms of providing training and support systems for aspiring artistes. I will be an agent of change, I will change the direction of local and international dancehall for the better” Stated Yardy Cashflow. 

Currently, Yardy Cashflow is kept extremely busy in studio working on a cluster of singles for the likes of Sickheadz Muziq, Digital Studios, Chopcity Rebelz and Dainjah Ink Records. He is also promoting his new singles entitled Save The World and Boogie

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