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5 Grammy Nominations for Panta Son alongside Dj Khaled

Music producer, studio engineer, and self-styled “dubplate King” Panta Son has countless reasons to smile at present considering the fact that he has been nominated alongside Dj Khaled for a whopping five (5) Grammy awards.

The music producer who acted as Dj Khaled’s official engineer on his Grammy-nominated “God Did” album says he feels honored and advises other engineers that they should use his success as a lesson in terms of securing the credit they deserve for their creative work. 

5 Grammy nominations big up god.  It’s a huge honor to see my name featured on the Grammy nominations artwork and I must say respect to Dj Khaled for giving me the opportunity to be apart of this historical project. I must also use this opportunity to advise my fellow local and international producers and engineers to secure your credits and royalties because you cannot give away your pension or your legacy

Panta Son

The son of nine-time world Sound Clash champion Pink Panta, Taj-Vaughn Johnson popularly known as “Panta Son” comes from a rich musical lineage which according to the producer he is determined to grow and not just continue.

god did grammy nominations

“My father’s legacy is my father’s legacy I want to build my own while preserving his greatness. This is a tough industry to navigate however based on my work ethic and experience I know I have a distinct edge which is why I am confident that I will achieve my musical goal which is to become a living legend” Stated Panta Son. 

Currently, Panta Son is also launching his charity known as the Big Up God Foundation as well as releasing a slew of project from a melting pot of top tier and new artistes including his signed artiste Peble King.

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