Bay-C’s solo career makes a “Flawless Victory” alongside Xyclone with global tour and chart success

After a successful run up the US iTunes Charts with the release of their Flawless Victory EP on March 1, 2024, Dancehall mainstays Xyclone and Bay-C have since dominated the UK iTunes Reggae Chart. Debuting at number 9 on March 28, the album climbed to number 4 within a couple of hours before peaking at number 1 by the following morning in Great Britain. This may be attributed to the appearance of both artists in England for a series of performances over Easter weekend. 

The Billboard Kid Xyclone is known for his promotional prowess for all his projects and has been using this opportunity to gain traction for “Flawless Victory” on the UK charts. Bay-C, who has seen major success as a member of TOK, is basking in glory as a solo artist which has been ongoing in Europe and the UK for a few years now. Having over 10 million streams on Spotify, hitting number 1 in Germany and with crossover hits in the UK too, “Flawless Victory” is a continuation of a thriving solo career for the baritone artist.

Well it’s good to show the USA fans what’s happening in other markets,” said Bay-C.

Working alongside Xyclone has reaped many rewards as the pair have developed a good musical chemistry. Both are highly driven, business savvy, self-investing and have a tunnel vision approach to success, making it an obvious dream team working towards achieving a “Flawless Victory” literally.

The project has been well received in the UK, both in the charts and in the streets.

We destroyed Tipsy Thursday with an Epik performance. That was crazy! We also did interviews with a few media outlets. That was Phase 1. We’re gonna return to the UK for Phase 2 of the promo run soon,” Bay-C stated.

The “Flawless Victory” Tour began in the US in February with Massachusetts, then on to Maryland, New York and Florida before going to Europe in March. The UK being the first stop set the precedent for the tour as the EP rose to the top of charts after a few days of promotion in London. They’ll be in their home country of Jamaica at the end of April, then back to Europe in May for shows in Switzerland and the Netherlands in June before returning to the US in August for Reggae on the River in California. More dates are to be added. 

Their main focus is on social media as they continue to see huge growth with the “Get Inna The Groove” dance challenge on TikTok and Instagram, choreographed by dancer/influencer @JD_Unt. Additionally, the single is receiving consistent radio play on New York’s Hot 97 with Bobby Konders and Jabba from Massive B. The aim is to keep building from there, with more airplay in different markets which would then spill over to every event worldwide.

What’s next for Bay-C

To begin working on the follow up to my 2022 King Bass album. This will be my third solo album so I’m looking to show growth and even more artistry on it. Also fans can look out for new music from the Tribe of Kings aka TOK.”

The “Flawless Victory” EP was produced by Xyclone’s Ejor Media Group and Bay-C’s Bomb Rush Records. It was executive produced by KillaImij Records and distributed by TuneCore.


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