50 Cent: 'No One Knew Who Jay-Z Was Until He Married Beyonce'

50 Cent is known for talking slick about other rappers. While usually there’s a beef behind it, he’s doesn’t shy away from taking jabs at here and there if he feels the need.

Fiddy recently decided to take a lil swipe Jay-Z, in saying that the former Def Jam Prez wasn’t a big name outside the U.S. until he tied the knot with longtime girlfriend Beyonce.

According to, the rapper claims that it wasn’t until Jay made it official with Beyonce that others outside the States began to take notice of him.

“I’m a big fan of Jay-Z, but outside of the States and hip-hop circles, no one really knew who he was until he married Beyonce,” 50 said.

He didn’t stop there either. Despite Jay-Z coming in right behind him on Forbes’ recent Hip-Hop Cash Kings list, 50 says Jay isn’t as worth as much as people think. Some estimate Jay being worth close to $1 billion, but 50 says no way.

“I don’t believe he’s worth that much. It’s all been exaggerated. I’m comfortable. I don’t want for anything, so I’m not in a race,” he said.

According to Forbes, Fiddy raked in a whopping $150 million over the last 12 months, compared to Jay-Z’s $82 million, which put him in second.

Source: BallerStatus