Addi is still Aidonia's daddy

Deejay Aidonia and his musical father, Vybz Kartel, are not ‘at war’, despite rumours of a rift between the two.

The rumours began last week with the release of an Aidonia song, titled Matic Nah Laugh,in which the artiste supposedly ‘disses’ Vybz Kartel. Aidonia, however, is denying that there is any animosity toward Kartel.

He cleared the air by saying, “there is no rift between me and Kartel. The song post online and since people a tell me seh Kartel and me a war. Me and Kartel have nutten. Everything good wid me and Kartel and everyone from the Portmore Empire.”

When contacted, Vybz Kartel was surprised about the rumours, saying, “that’s news to me. I heard it first from the STAR.”


The song which started the rumours was uploaded to the website and is listed as ‘Matic Nah Laugh Kartel Diss’. People in the street and on the site are suggesting that the song states, “Clap it up Addi yuh head get lick offa cuff mek dem drop buff pon di plaza.”

However, Aidonia told The STAR that he does not say ‘Addi’ but ‘baddy’ and in fact the song says “target mi shoot offa mi nuh miss offa, clap it up yuh baddy, yuh head get lick offa.”

Fans on who have posted comments about the song are mostly expressing disbelief that Aidonia and Kartel would be at odds, with one person stating, “noo Aidonia no diss Addi di Teacha”.

The rumour comes on the heels of another rumour that Aidonia and Portmore Empire’s Blak Ryno were involved in a fight recently. It has been said that Vybz Kartel was in defence of Blak Ryno and attempted to hit Aidonia, but someone interceded.

Aidonia also denied that there is any friction between him and Blak Ryno saying, “That is so false. There’s nutten between me and Ryno. The last time I saw him was at Stephen’s studio. We were suppose to do a song together on Stephen new ‘Advocate’ rhythm but because they were mixing, we didn’t get to.”

Sting on the horizon

According to Aidonia, with Sting on the horizon, persons are trying to create a war vibe between himself and Kartel.

“A studio mi deh. No one nuh see me ’round or on di streets caw a work mi a work fi try re-create Aidonia ting but wi good, wi still link. Dem need a hearing aid and don’t create nuh vibe caw dem know who Vybz Kartel caan ‘gree wid,” he said.

In the meantime, Aidonia is busy in the studio voicing new songs for Sting and performing at shows. The artiste has an upcoming show with Blak Ryno in Montego Bay where the two are the headline acts. He is also planning to go on tour and hopes to release an album in Spring of 2009 with producer Stephen McGregor.

Source: JamaicaStar