Aidonia clears the air

While dancehall artiste Aidonia is on a new path to stay out of the ‘drama’ and ‘mix up’ of the dancehall, according to him he will stand up for his right’s which is what he believes happened at ATI’s Temptation Live last Saturday night.

In an article published last Monday in The STAR titled ‘Ele to the rescue’ (published on Jahkno Tuesday.. lol), it was stated that Elephant Man saved the day after an altercation onstage between Aidonia and a member of Mavado’s entourage. Aidonia, however, believes he should get the praises he deserves and spoke to The STAR to clear the air that neither himself nor his JOP crew was the aggressor.

di line-up change

He explained: “Come at the show we get the line-up sey all right den, Angel was gonna perform, then DeMarco then Wayne Marshall, den me. All of a sudden me hear di line-up change sey Bounty Killer haffi perform before me, dem sey Bounty Killer suppose to have another show, mi sey all right. Den afta dat now mi notice me see Mavado and him entourage come right at di stage like him want block di stage so mi a sey dem man yah nuh book fi di show why dem come ova yasso and a act dem way yah. Yuh nuh bill fi di show, yuh nuh deh pon di show, so if yuh a come yuh mus go talk to di people responsible fi di show, yuh nuh suppose to come at di show and come like yuh waan bully di ting.”

cleared the stage

According to Aidonia, he went onstage and performed one song and was expecting to hear the track for his next song when he looked at the selector and saw him pushing away a member of Mavado’s entourage who was trying to stop him from playing. After talking to the two, the music soon started, the police cleared the stage and Aidonia was able to finish his set.

He added: “In dis case me a defend myself and stand up for myself. Yuh can’t come at a show and nuh billed and a mek man stop play man CD. Di man dem fi know demselves and know wha dem a do and don’t try intimidate me cause yuh can’t. Tings like dese a mash up dancehall fi years.”

“Come and have respect for people and have respect for the promoters, your fellow artistes. Saturday night Vybz Kartel had a show why no one went up there trying to work with Vybz Kartel? So don’t come try wid Aidonia cause yuh already know dat can’t work, don’t try prove nutten cause yuh weren’t billed at the show.”

Nothing against Mavado

Aidonia says he does not have anything against Mavado and he believes the incident may have stemmed from Fully Loaded where persons are saying he went ‘hard’ onstage.

“People dem start hol’ back a vibes for Aidonia, people dem start talk bout mi. Everybody a try work before mi at ATI like dem a try run out di forwards and try drown me, but it nah work at di end of di day cause di people in di crowd loved the performance. I don’t disrespect people, I don’t trouble people, mi hold my corner. I do my ting but mi not taking no disrespect from no one. Mi stay outta people way and mi would like people to stay outta my way also,” he added.

Source: JamaicaStar