Aidonia leaves for three-week European tour

He will first arrive in Germany and from there he will move on to France, Italy, Switzerland, Sweden and Norway, just to name a few. The last time Europe saw Aidonia was in December 2010. Despite seeing him in May of that same year, they requested to see more of the lyrical sensation – clubs such as Amazon in France, GK in Sweden, Rude 7 in Germany and Waagenbau in Germany.


Lawrence plans to belt crowd favourites like Touch You Tonight, produced by Stephen ‘Di Genius’ McGregor, Caribbean Girls produced by JA Productions and Good Gal and One More Gal produced by Dre Day Productions alongside new releases.

It’s hard scanning the radio and not hear his songs being played.His song Caribbean Girls on the Overproof rhythm has been getting massive rotations, and in the parties fans are requesting it as one of their favourites.

After leaving Europe, Aidonia will return to the island for a day or two, then on February 25 and 26, he will be in St Kitts and St Lucia performing crowd favourites.

The last time fans saw Aidonia perform in Jamaica was at ‘the Greatest One-night Reggae show on Earth’, Sting, where there was a huge buzz on social mediums about his dominant hardcore performance at Sting 2011. Aidonia plans to re-enact his dominant performance while touring Europe and also at his shows in the Caribbean, and will most definitely show Montegonians and British fans who will be partying at the renowned party series BritJam on March 11.