Akon & Ludacris Weigh In On Rick Ross

Rick Ross’ reputation has been analyzed as of late. After reports that he was once a prison guard surfaced, many have been weighing in. Although Ross denies the reports, many have been speaking on how this affects the man, his music and fans’ perspective on it all. Two of today’s biggest news making musicians have now made their opinions on the matter known.

Akon, who has faced similar scrutiny, is now speaking up on the matter.

“It’ll only affect Ross if Ross allows it to affect him,” Akon told MTV. “Had I gone out and entertained the article, it would have blew the article out of proportion. Wherever they got their facts or information from, let that be what it is. You got your story out, thank you very much. I bow to it and keep it moving. Now, if you wanna entertain it, then you’re gonna open up more worms you probably don’t want opened up. So all Ross has to do is keep focusing on his music.”

“The whole purpose of Konvict Music was to grab ex-convicts, felons. People head in that direction and steer them in the opposite direction. Just focus on my past and try to contradict whatever it is I might have said or lived and don’t focus on the positive things I’ve done in society in general. If you have an article, at least balance it out. Let the people know the good things I’ve done, the schools I’ve built. The kids I feed in Africa. Don’t just say, ‘He wasn’t locked up for three years.’ I don’t care if I was locked up for one day. It’s that experience that allowed me to become that person who I am, to make a better society for who is listening.”

Ludacris, who has also been scrutinized lately, also chimed in.
“I’ll be honest with you, man…When I heard about it, I honestly thought to myself, ‘Some of them correction officers are some of the most crooked individuals.’ Whether he did that or not, it’s all what you take from it.”

“It’s a lot of crooked cops out there,” he continued. “They manipulate the system. So I’m just being real. When I heard about it, either way — if he did it, if he didn’t do it — it could still be crooked from it. That’s what it all comes down to. So that’s Ludacris’ two cents on the whole Rick Ross situation. To be real with you, man, if that’s how you want to manipulate the system, that’s how you do it. … You get in the system. There you have it.”

Source: HiphopDX