Alliance Deejay Iyara Records Tribute in Support of Bounty

With the undisputed leader of the Alliance Camp Bounty Killer being denied bail once again yesterday as he appear in the Corporate Area Criminal Court stemming from charges of assault, one of the youngest members of the Alliance has step up to express his views with a musical tribute entitled “Free Up The General”.

Iyara Promo

Eric Sommers more popularly known as Iyara recently recorded and released the song which he says depicts the mood of the Camp. “Well firstly the reason I recorded that song was to express my personal feelings about the situation, you know we are artists and when we have a message we send it through our music so this tune “Free Up The General” is just my way of showing my support to Bounty and I know the other members feel the same as well”.

The song which was produced by Serrian and Dave of Open Air Music has since its release become the buzz of Dancehall Forums where Bounty Killer has been the hot topic of discussion since he was arrested on April 5th. According to one blogger who posted a comment on a discussion board the question of why founding Alliance members were not more vocal in there support of Bounty was being posed but insiders close to the camp dispute these claims.

“Everybody in the Alliance is hoping the general gets bail, every artist and every fan of the Alliance a grieve bout the situation” stated an insider of the camp.

On the same day Bounty returns to court (Friday April 16) a promotional video shoot for Iyara’s single has been planned and and is expected to be well attended by Alliance Members. “Since the song is getting so much attention we decided to do a low budget promotional video, strictly for the online community, its gonna be something exclusive, all black, everyone in dem alliance T Shirts in support of the general” stated Iyara.

Produced By: OPEN AIR MUSIC (Radio Version)