Angel Dups Gets Nod Of Approval With Touch Melody Single

New York-based singjay Angel Dups continues to build on the momentum created around his breakout single entitled Touch Melody which has made a its way into the playlist of most mainstream local and international radio stations. The self-styled “melody master” says he is ready to kick down the door to stardom right now and says he is confident that this song will do the magic for him and he also notes that he has several hot songs to follow up his current single. 

“Touch Melody is opening many doors for me presently and for that I am grateful but I want my fans to know that I have hundreds of songs for their enjoyment which I will start releasing in the very near future. For now we just building the fanbase and allowing the current single to grow in global music markets” Angel Dups stated. 

Born Richard Smith, Angel Dups discovered his musical talent at an early age and was often the center of attention during all high school breaks as his friends implored him to deejay his witty rhymes as they beat classroom desks to furnish his music. It was not long before he made the transition to the recording studio however several life issues transpired which delayed his musical start. Fast forward to 2022 and Angel Dups has found a song that has found favor with local and international radio deejays as well as on social media with the recent release of the music video for his Touch Melody single. 

“My musical journey is one that can be defined as a melting pot of experience as I have faced many challenges but I have also enjoyed many great moments and I would not change any aspect of my path because it has molded me into the artiste I am today” stated Angel Dups. 

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