Artiste Manager Falls Victim To Scam

Busy Signal’s manager, Shane Brown, has fallen victim to a scam as he says unscrupulous persons have been impersonating him and collecting money for shows, dubplates and songs.

Shane Brown

Speaking with THE WEEKEND STAR recently, Brown explained that this is the not the first time persons have collected money falsely to do work with his artiste.

“You have people pretending to be me and collecting money for Busy to do shows, dubplates and songs,” he said.

In December, Brown said he got a call from a man threatening him. He said the man claimed that he sent US$3,000 (J$261,000) to him as payment for a song that Busy Signal should have done with a female artiste in the United States.

After further checks were made, the other parties realised that the person the money was sent to via Western Union was not Brown or anyone affiliated with him.

shows in Guyana

A week later, Brown said he got another call from a woman claiming that she booked Busy Signal for three shows in Guyana between December 31 and January 2. However, Brown said the artiste already had shows for Ghana, Africa, that were scheduled to start on December 26 and end in January.

“This lady deposited money into a bank account and nothing at all has to do with me. This is the sixth time. It happen already with promoters in Costa Rica and Panama,” he told THE WEEKEND STAR.

He added that money sent for booking and dubplates come to Juke Boxx Productions and not to him directly.

When THE WEEKEND STAR spoke to the woman, she said she got the number for the fake ‘Shane Brown’ from a selector. She said she was in contact with the impersonator for more than two weeks.

“I get a feeling and start question the thing, so I called someone else for verification,” she said.

But this was after $201,000 had already been sent as a deposit for the Guyana shows.

“My reputation is at stake. I am falling to pieces. I am not that sort of person. I don’t know how I got here. I need to get my name cleared and try to get back the people’s money,” she said, noting that she has also been threatened.

Both the woman and Shane Brown have reported the matter to the Elletson Road Police Station.

“We have a report that somebody out there is impersonating Shane Brown and collecting money on his behalf. We are in the middle of investigations and we are proceeding,” said Detective Sergeant Puddie when contacted.

Source: Jamaica-Star