Assassin backs live music

The artiste said while his leg was broken he learnt to play the guitar. During that time, he said he wrote some songs using the instrument. Some of this material, he said, will appear on his album that he plans to release before next summer.


“Me a one a di man dem weh nah sing pon nutten weh have any hip-hop snare inna it. I don’t knock variety but when we start losing our identity, there is a problem. For now, I only want authentic reggae and dancehall rhythms to work on,” he told THE WEEKEND STAR, noting that he has been doing work with musicians like Dean Fraser and Christopher Birch.

He said some producers work alone and the outcome is not always as good as when a group of musicians get together and work.

“With one man sitting in a room and making the music, not all of these offerings are musically sound. But if you have a few musicians come together on a project, you can get more out of it,” he said.

Assassin said his interest in live music was further triggered by his Agent Sasco movement.

“It just all fall into place like that. From mi start the whole Agent Sasco movement, I find myself doing more of the live music,” he said.

As a result, he said, live music will be a large part of his album.

“It is primarily that (live music) and the fact that I am playing the guitar really helps. You are more informed to help the process instead of sitting down and being lost,” Assassin told THE WEEKEND STAR.

Meanwhile, the artiste said he recently released songs like Love You, which is the first song he wrote with his guitar, and Step Up Inna Life. He will also be releasing Day In Day Out in January.

Source: jamaica-star
Writer: Sadeke Brooks

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