Assassin, Bounty Killer take Follow Di Arrow

They were arguably the best moments of Magnum Follow Di Arrow when ace deejays Assassin and Bounty Killer took the stage and expertly delivered two of the most memorable performances, which helped make the event’s 11th anniversary at James Bond Beach in St Mary a successful one.

For long periods, the crowd had suffered immensely from poor performances and seemed desperate for some real excitement with the morning sun peeking over the hills.

determined to satisfy

Following the duo Twin of Twins, whose performance was at its comedic best, Assassin was determined to satisfy his audience even though there were several technical glitches. He was not going to let that inconvenience stop him from becoming one of the night’s highlight performers, and with just a minute into his performance, Assassin, who recently took on the moniker Agent Sasco, had the crowd feeding from his hands with hits like Leave Us Alone and Hand In Di Air.

One of the obvious reasons why Assassin has lasted for over a decade in the music business is his consistency in providing clean lyrics, which have been regularly overshadowed by the lewdness of other artistes. Aware that the patrons were giving him their undivided attention, Assassin fantastically delivered Hand To Mouth and Priorities, before showing his versatility in Self Defence and Wanna Be Ballers.

The crowd clearly enjoyed his performance, and as he sang the words of Almighty while he exited the stage, the entire venue applauded him for a true professional approach to his craft.

Bounty Killer has always believed, for an artiste to make it to the top, he must be consistent in his approach to the music while being able to entertain at the highest level. Acknowledging Assassin’s performance, the ‘Warlord’ said, “Nuff respect to Assassin, a suh people fi perform” before going into his own catalogue of hit songs.

A solid performer throughout his 17-year career, it was just left for Bounty Killer to reproduce one of those performances which has propelled him into the elite group of stage performers. And he did just that. Being the personality that he is though, Bounty Killer wouldn’t be who he is without some sort of outburst.

“Ennis mi luv yuh and wi know seh yuh luv wi too … But next year don’t bring dem idiot artiste yah pon di show,” said the ‘Poor People’s Governor’ in reference to Lisa Hyper, who made disparaging remarks about him earlier in her performance.

Yet any worries of the Sufferer lyricist making an early exit were groundless. Bounty Killer got off to a flying start and kept the momentum through his performance. The veteran was probably also proving a point that he was still the backbone of dancehall music and he had the fans waving their hands to hits like Money Maker and We Nuh Fren Fish.

He called on his musical protégé, Mavado, and the two went on an encore of hit songs, making way for the remaining artistes backstage to perform.

Source: JamaicaStar