Blaize Shell Shell Want to “Untrap Dancehall”

Every now and then the universe gifts our ears with a lyrical master. The latest extraterrestrial creature to grace earth is known as Blaize Shell Shell who has brought his alien flows and wordplay to the dancehall scene. The recent signee to Trailblazing Entertainment recently released a lyrically potent single entitled “Got This” which is the lead single off his debut album entitled “Dancehall Untrapped”. According to the artiste, he is not afraid of any backlash that may come his way because of his stance against trap dancehall.

“I am a winner and all winners are bold yet calculated. The almighty blessed me with a gift and I will use it to teach di youths while providing excellent entertainment value. I don’t believe I have to do trap music or negative music to run di place because a nuh everybody dunce and a nuh everybody believe inna obeah” stated Blaize Shell Shell.

The witty entertainer recently released his debut album which is entitled “Dancehall Untrapped”. The 11-track lyrical display was produced by Grammy Nominated producer Panta Son and according to the artiste, it is a masterpiece that every true dancehall fan should add to their catalog.

“If you love real dancehall music and appreciate creativity at the highgest level then this is a must have. Me and my team put a lot of thought and work into this project so I am very proud to say it is a solid body of work. I have high expectations for this project” stated Blaize Shell Shell.

Currently, Blaize Shell Shell is busy promoting his Dancehall Untrapped album as well as his latest book entitled “Power Of Pain”.


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