BILL$ – The After Champs Edition

The event that has consistently proved to be the most cost effective event for patrons year after year returns with the Easter 2010 production. New Dawn Entertainment is set to execute another staging of Bill$, this year it will be the After Champs Edition.

The team has returned to their home at Ultimate Car Care (20 Holborn Road, New Kingston) aimed at giving their die hearted patrons that relaxed and familiar atmosphere in which to unwind and enjoy the great vibe that is being prepared for them. The entertainment as always is in capable hands, for the Easter Edition we will be enjoying the musical selections of Kingston AllStars, Dj Narity, Coppershot and Supa Hype.

With the energy surrounding the ISSA/Grace Kennedy Boys and Girls Athletic Championship 2010 approaching fever pitch, patrons are being encouraged to take that same energy with them to this staging of Bill$. Come out representing their schools or Alma – maters in which ever way they see fit; sporting a rag, a cap, the school tie, crest, shirt or even a flag. New Dawn Entertainment is devoted to allowing their patrons to safely enjoy themselves while not breaking themselves in the bank at the same time, the end result? Everybody loosening up and partying to their hearts content, “that’s what New Dawn Entertainment’s Bill$ represents; affordable and responsible partying” echoed almost in unison by Danielle Davis and Rajiv Punnacy of the New Dawn Entertainment Team.

In keeping with that promise and standing true to what has always been said about New Dawn’s Bill$ the event is affordably priced with General Entry set at 5 Bills ($500), ladies are $100 b4 10pm (gates open at 9pm) and ALL DRINKS ARE $100.

So on March 27, 2010 all roads lead to Ultimate Car Care, 20 Holborn Road, New Kingston for the Easter staging of New Dawn Entertainment’s Bill$.