Black Queen arrested

Dancehall singer Black Queen, whose real name is Simone Giles, was recently arrested for assaulting a police officer, a charge she felt she was unduly slapped with.

The female artiste, who is known for songs like Dream Lover, Roll With Me and Watch Mi Suh, says the incident in question occurred in 2003 and sings a different tune to what the police is alleging.

In recalling the incident, Black Queen says, “I was on my way from Kingston to Ocho Rios, but I drove through Portmore. So I stopped at a gas station in Portmore and while I was on the pump, a police patrol car drove up and one of the officers came over to me.”

Black Queen says, “the officer made passes at me, asking me for my name and number. I, then, began to feel uncomfortable because he was trying to look up my skirt and when I started to fix my skirt he (the officer) asked why mi a hide di fat ting from him?”

She continued, “it was at that point that I ended the conversation and rolled up my car window and he opened the car door and asked me ‘a wah dis?’ I had a half a lass (cutlass) in my car and he told me that he was charging me for it, so I should drive to the Hundred Man Police Station.”

While at the Station, Black Queen said the officer physically assaulted her. “Mi get ’bout three box from the officer before him start kick mi up all over.”

Although Black Queen says she reported the matter to the Police Public Complaints Authority, she says, “nothing has come of it and now I feel like I have no trust in the police. It feel to me that the police can just do anything and you’re left feeling bitter towards them.”

On bail

Black Queen, who is now out on a $100,000 bail, is scheduled to appear in the Spanish Town Resident Magistrate Court on December 17 in Spanish Town.

Black Queen, who recently performed on shows like the Ocho Rios Seafood Festival and ‘Dancehall Divas In Action’ at Fayors Entertainment Centre in Mandeville, says her next performance will be at the Amnesia Night Club in Ocho Rios on December 1. She is also billed to appear at Sting.

Source: JamaicaStar