Blak Ryno answers Kartel in new song

Less than a week after leaving the Portmore Empire, deejay Blak Ryno has seemingly penned a ‘tell all’ song, called Mi Lef, about his reasons for leaving.

Last Wednesday, deejay Blak Ryno, whose real name is Romaine Anderson, confirmed that he had officially left the Portmore Empire after having been a member since 2007. Shortly after, Portmore Empire-head and former mentor of Ryno, Vybz Kartel, spoke out about his protégé’s decision to leave calling him a ‘confused individual.’


Kartel said, “Ryno is, in my analysis, a confused individual going through some sort of post-adolescence trauma where, in his pursuit to find himself, is getting his priorities mixed up and, as a result, is making decisions in a subconscious, bewildered state of mind.”

Yesterday, the streets were buzzing, however, after Ryno’s Mi Lef, produced by Supa Blunt, was played on radio. In the introduction of the song, Ryno addresses Kartel’s statement in THE WEEKEND STAR saying, “How yu mean mi confuse? Yuh nuh hear say mi lef, a yuh deaf.”

The song goes further, as it seems to confirm the rumours of the Portmore Empire artistes being beaten. While former member Gaza Kim, now known as Kym, has officially stated that she was beaten, there have also been rumours that Ryno, Jah Vinci and Lisa Hyper were also assaulted.

In making mention to the beating, Ryno deejays in the song, “mi nuh grow so, mi nuh grow dem way deh/ we nuh deh pon weh yuh say/we sey mi nah mek yuh violate deh/ a one ting mi a tell yuh sey/ go lick yuh pickney, yuh pickney/vex dem bwoy vex through mi tell dem strictly/ nuh man cyaan call me pon no ends fi diss me … ”

dem a faker

He continues, “Di bwoy dem a faker, Jamaica/ mi tell yuh diss, I neva lef through paper/ ef because dem a violator/mi cut because mi waan mi life greater/him chat mi behind a mi back, weh yuh waan smile in front mi face fah/like yuh feel man a idiot/yuh cyaan do me like weh yuh do di raper.”

In the song, Ryno also explains how he was called in for a ‘meeting’, which he never went to and how he is looking forward to his own happiness. He deejays, “all dem a talk sey mi nah make it/me a go live fi be di best.”

Ryno is the third deejay to have departed the Empire recently, the first being Lisa Hype, now called Lisa Hyper. Hyper was dismissed from the Empire late last year, shortly after a compromising picture of the deejay began circulating on the Internet. Hyper was followed by Gaza Kim in January of this year.

Yesterday Kartel’s new protégé Popcaan also released a song, Dem Sell Out, which seemingly throws words at Ryno. In the song he deejays, “mi nuh care who leave Empire, cause a foreva.”

Source: JamaicaStar