Bob Marley Live in Santa Barbara 1979

“Bob Marley Live in Santa Barbara 1979” is a historic live performance by the legendary Jamaican musician and reggae icon Bob Marley. The concert was held at the University of California, Santa Barbara on November 25, 1979, during the final leg of Marley’s “Survival” tour.

The concert was significant for several reasons, including being the last show of Marley’s tour and one of the last major performances before his untimely death in 1981. It was also one of the largest and most enthusiastic crowds of his career, with an estimated audience of over 20,000 people.

The performance featured many of Marley’s most popular songs, including Get Up, Stand Up,” Exodus,” “Jamming,” and “Stir It Up,” among others. Marley and his band, The Wailers, delivered a high-energy, electrifying performance that showcased his unique blend of reggae, rock, and soul music.

“Bob Marley Live in Santa Barbara 1979” has since become a beloved and iconic concert among fans of Bob Marley and reggae music. It has been released in various formats over the years, including as a full concert film and as a live album. The concert remains a testament to Marley’s enduring legacy as one of the most influential and beloved musicians of all time.

Bob Marley Live in Santa Barbara 1979 Tracklist

1.Positive Vibration 1:20
2.Wake Up and Live 6:30
3.I Shot the Sheriff 11:45
4.Ambush in the Night 16:20
5.Concrete Jungle 20:10
6.Running Away 25:10
7.Crazy Baldhead 28:40
8.Them Belly Full 33:20
9.Heathen 36:42
10.Ride Natty Ride 41:15
11.Africa Unite 45:25
12.One Drop 49:55
13.Exodus 54:00
14.So Much Things to Say 1:00:10
15.Zimbabwe 1:03:40
16.Jamming 1:07:45
17.Is This Love 1:12:45
18.Kinky Reggae 1:16:00
19.Stir It Up 1:19:35
20.Get Up Stand Up 1:23:15