Bounty, Flippa address differences

United States-based artiste Flippa Mafia yesterday put to rest rumours that he was referring to Bounty Killer in his single, Unfinished House.

In the song, he did not call any names. However, he said people have been saying that he is throwing words at Bounty Killer.


The songs says: “Mi vehicle caan dearer than mi house/ Mi rims caan dearer than mi house/ Nuff bwoy a hype over unfinished house/ an mi madda nuh waan lef Waterhouse … Nuff bwoy out a road nuh have no sense/ a run down the hype and dem still a pay rent.”

In a telephone interview with THE STAR, Flippa Mafia said: “Mi talk the things and anybody weh waan pick it up, pick it up. Mi hear seh Killer start work back pon him house and a talk all kind a things ’bout me.

“Look how much people have unfinished house. A mussi true him a build him house from 1993 mek him feel seh a him mi a talk,” he added.

However, Bounty Killer said he does not believe the song is about him, so why should he be concerned?

“Is an open statement. Everybody know seh Killer have a unfinished house, but mi caan jump up and seh a me him a talk ’cause a nuh me one have unfinished house. Flippa is acting like a little b, is a girl dat taking a lot of hear say,” Bounty Killer told THE STAR.

not enemies

While they are no friends, Flippa Mafia said they are not enemies. But there is one issue between them. He said Bounty Killer is yet to return the deposit from a show he was hosting about three years ago, at which Bounty Killer did not show up.

“Him still have three gran (US) fi mi, that a nuh nutten to me but a just the principle,” Flippa said.

In a slightly different twist, Bounty Killer explained that Flippa Mafia asked him to perform at his show years ago, but refused to pay for the first-class ticket he requested for his then road manager, Julian Jones-Griffith. Bounty Killer decided not to go to the show as a result, and it was at that point that Flippa Mafia went to buy the first-class ticket.

By then, Bounty Killer already made up his mind not to attend the show. He said Flippa Mafia called him for the money the next day, but during the conversation he insulted Bounty Killer, who decided not to return the money as a result.

senior don

“Me and him a nuh enemy but we have a little thing. Him caan tell me fi smy madda … yuh a young don so don’t romp wid the senior don dem. He is just a little ‘flipper’ and mi a big ‘grung god’, him a go flip til him flop,” Bounty Killer said, while noting that Flippa Mafia called him for months after, sometimes leaving voice messages, with the aim of getting back the money. “Suh if yuh so bad, come fi yuh money,” Killer said.

In addition, Bounty Killer said Flippa Mafia became upset with him when he asked if his mother was still living in Waterhouse. But he said he only asked the question because he was concerned about Flippa Mafia’s mother and her well-being.

“Him deh pon stage a dash weh money and him never buy him madda a donkey cart yet. Does Flippa madda still live in Waterhouse? I ask him that question and him get vex … a dat hurt him mek him go do song. Instead of walking and dashing away money, him should move him madda out of Waterhouse,” Bounty Killer told THE STAR.

Source: JamaicaStar