Bounty, Monster feud brewing?

Another feud has reportedly developed in the dancehall as a result of songs done by Monster Empire and Bounty Killer. However, Monster Empire claim they did not provoke the brewing lyrical war.

Monster Empire, which comprises Roundhead, Ghost and General B, was formerly called Monster Shack Crew. The crew recently released a song called Nuh Bad Man Fi We on the ‘Unfinished Business’ rhythmfor TJ Records. The song hurls several insults at Bounty Killer.

The songs says,

“A coulda wha duh b … Bounty,

from D’Angel f… pon him,

him a move like a junky,

listen mi promptly,

yuh tek man fi punky,

bout man nuh badda than yuh shoes,

but yuh nuh badda than mi pumpy

When Kartel mce up yuh head wid di kitchen a8,

Yuh neva call up him name or diss him back.”

General B of Monster Empire defends the lyrics saying the group did the song after Bounty Killer recorded a song with Firelinks two months ago in which he insults them.

Cow down people

“Bounty do a song pon Firelinks rhythm an’ a call wi name an’ a try cow down people. So wi haffi do song an’ call back fi him name,” an upset General B told The STAR.

“Everybody a mek it look like a we a push fire pon Killer first an’ a nuh so it go. Monster Empire a nuh trouble maker group. Bounty a mi elder. Mi woulda neva deejay an’ diss him but him call wi name first,” he said.

General B says he has no intention of the feud going any further than on record as the group prefers to keep their disagreements lyrical and do music for fun. He says music should not be about ‘badness’ as artistes cannot be both musicians and ‘badman’.

However, Firelinks says he has not recorded a song for Bounty Killer in which he makes mention of Monster Empire. The selector says the last song he did with Bounty Killer was Nutten Nuh Change which was done on the Airwaves Rhythm in 2007.

Claims refuted

Monster Empire’s claims were refuted by Bounty Killer’s manager, Julian Jones-Griffiths. He said Bounty Killer voiced a song called Bad Like Mi Shoes on Shane Brown’s Warning Rhythm. He said it was done before he went on recently concluded European tour more than two months.

“Everybody keeps asking me about that. That’s totally b … .It had nothing to do with them (Monster Empire). That song was voiced even before he went on tour. It was voiced before they even did their song,” said Jones-Griffiths.

In clearing the record, Bounty Killer said via his booking agent Sharon Williams of Solid Agency, “I didn’t do any song for Monster Shack.” The deejay would not

comment further on the issue.

According to General B, their latest song was also done as a follow up to other happenings in the industry. General B says, “it a come from To the World.”

He says they did their song and then Elephant Man subsequently recorded a song of the same name.

“We, Ele and Bounty used to par. Him do a song wid the same name an’ it nuh look good an’ we a try get back a buss inna di business,” General B said.

After To the World, they released You Ain’t Going Nowhere in which they said ‘nuh bwoy cyaan jook out mi eye like Harry Toddler’. General B says this comment was made because of an alleged altercation between Bounty Killer and Harry Toddler some months ago. He says Harry Toddler has not spoken to members of Monster Empire since.

“Wi jus’ a put humour inna wi song. Maybe Bounty was offended because wi seh bwoy. But wi couldn’t seh ‘the five star general jook out Harry Toddler eye’, ” said General B.

Source: JamaicaStar