Bridgez leaves Alliance Next Generation

Emerging Dancehall star, Bridgett Roache aka Bridgez will no longer hail as a member of the Alliance Next Generation (ANG) staple after just over a year with the Bounty Killer founded group.


On Monday evening, Bounty Killer announced via his official Twitter page that Bridgez would no longer be a member of Alliance Next Generation, a youth-focused sub group of the prominent deejay’s Alliance super group. The “War Lord” recruited Bridgez in late 2010; joining forces with her on the internationally acclaimed single, Roll Out and later signing the On Fire singer as the ANG’s first lady.

Bridgez issued a press release regarding her decision to leave ANG; explaining that she wants to successfully proceed as her own artiste instead of being branded with the Alliance Next Generation tag.

My team and I made a mutual business decision that I was being branded too much; this is just the beginning of one of the steps I’ll be taking in my career this year. I am still A.F.L… Alliance First Lady but I’ve always been more about making an impact than running with titles and Alliance is known for showcasing males more than females so my team and I are focused on making the name “Bridgez” a household name without having too many different brands following,” the release stated.

Bridgez pic

Despite the announcement, Bridgez insisted that she harbours no ill will towards Bounty Killer and will remain a part of his group regardless of the fact she’s no longer an ANG member.

That sentiment was later echoed by the “Grung Gaad” himself, who clarified, via Blackberry Broadcast Message (BBM) that Bridgez won’t be totally rid of Alliance status as she will remain affiliated to the group.

“The further announcement is that Lady Alliance aka Bridgez is still a part of the Alliance, instead of ANG. Reason being she is more of an individual/unique artiste to me than the other A.N.G artistes who can easily group and blend in like a medley thing. She needs her own platform to present herself; I think we both decided on that. So no confusion or negatives the camp A.F.L/A.N.G,” he said.

Alliance Next Generation consists of several up-and-coming Dancehall acts that represent the future of the main Alliance staple. ANG, formed in 2010, consists of members such as former Portmore Empire singjay, Kym, Patexx and Iyara. The Alliance also consists of the newly-formed Alliance Portmore Regime featuring Portmore-based young artistes such as Jinyus.