Press Release

Chance Boss Buzzing With Big Meech Single

Chance Boss

Fast-rising dancehall trap artiste Chance Boss has many reasons to smile of late considering the fact that he has been steadily climbing the musical ladder. Blessed with a smooth yet lyrically potent delivery this extraordinary talent has earned his first Buzzing single entitled “Big Meech” which has become a staple on local radio stations. According to Chance Boss he does music to bring joy and is creating his own lane.

“My lane a my lane me nah medz nuh man ting me just a do music to please my fans and myself. I am very free with my music I just write how I feel and share my experiences which is why the people a feel my ting cause it real yuh zimmie” stated Chance Boss.

The St. Ann native says he always wanted to be an artiste and he honed his craft in high school where he was always the center of attention during school breaks.

“Music was always the mission and now I am stepping out and holding my own in a very competitive industry. It is challenging but it is a challenge I relish because I know I have what it takes to become a global brand so I am just doing the work until the big break comes” stated Chance Boss.

Chance Boss is currently busy in studio recording for a plethora of top-notch producers. He is also promoting his Buzzing single entitled “Big Meech”.