Charlamagne: Mimi’s Sex Tape Is Disgusting & Corny

Charlamagne gets candid about his thoughts on Mimi Faust and Nikko’s sex tape, saying that he thinks it’s “disgusting.” The “Guy Code” star adds that the sex tape shows “how thirsty people are for attention and fame,” and says that at Mimi’s age there’s no reason for her to be putting out an adult tape.

Charlamagne also thinks it was messed up that Nikko, whom the radio host dubs “Nintendo,” went along with the idea. The Breakfast Club host says that Nikko should’ve been uplifting Mimi and telling her how they would never release a sex tape for any amount of money.

When the now infamous shower rod comes into the conversation, Charlamagne says the scene proved that the movie was staged. He believes the rod was welded into the wall and was a “prop” for the film. Charlamagne also isn’t buying that someone stole the tape out of Mimi and Nikko’s bag when they were on vacation, because he thinks that they weren’t famous enough for something like that to happen