Cherine Anderson's 'Shine on Jamaica'

“The body dem a climb and the corruption spread bigger than dem jacket and tie” – These aren’t the words of an irate, heartbroken resident of west Kingston, but the gripping lyrics from what could be considered an anthem for the times, Cherine Anderson’s Shine On Jamaica.

It is against the background of consistent violence and turmoil that Anderson’s honest tale about similar tragedies in Jamaica really touches home.

Cherine AndersonMany tears have been wept, many hearts broken and too many young ones traumatised by disturbing images of loved ones and friends circulating on the Internet. It would seem that the appropriate question at this point would be, how do we move on from here? Will the lives of people from west Kingston and, by extension Jamaica, ever be normal again?

While Shine On Jamaica does not promise to be the answer to Jamaica’s many problems, it reinforces that unity, solidarity and love among Jamaicans is not only what is needed right now, but also the way to create a better Jamaica for all.

The lyrically potent Shine on Jamaica attacks many political and social ills in present-day Jamaica and showcases Anderson’s clever songwriting skills.

And although Shine On Jamaica doesn’t hide from the social and economical drama in Jamaica, person may feel more empowered and uplifted as opposed to burdened after listening.

In a recent interview, a very hopeful Anderson said: “My generation will change this nation. I think if we are committed to working in unity, positively and with love, we can further build Jamaica to greatness.”

Source: JamaicaStar