Chino Sings About Life 'In Di Streets'

Kingston, Jamaica — “Few month gone inna di year and ovah 30-odd dead and counting. And by di time deh tune yah drop it cudda double, nuh go roun’ ting. People blood a splash inna di streets jus’ like a fowl ting…”
– In Di Streets, Chino.

Dancehall artiste Chino recently released yet another single, making it circa his sixth one since the start of the year. The song, In Di Streets on the Stephen McGregor-produced “Bad People Riddim” is a conscious heavy-hitter about the island’s crime rate.

The fast-paced rhythm works in tandem with the imagery conjured by the lyrics: shots fired in a hurry and descriptions of people dying at a rapidly. Chino whose correct name is Daniel McGregor says, “It’s a reflection of what’s happening around us and in our island. It’s reality and it’s something that I had to sing about and express how I see it and feel. Music is my diary.”

In addition to the new release, Chino participated in the CVM television’s Telethon in aid of Haiti on Sunday and this weekend, he will be performing in Negril alongside Shaggy, Laden and Elephant Man.

In D Streets by jahkno

Source: Blueprint Publicity & Promotions