Chronixx Interview – The Dread & Terrible Project & Tour, Acting & Reggae Revival

Chronixx talks about life on the Dread Bus, “The Dread & Terrible Project”, the “Rastaman Wheel Out” mini movie, his aspiration to act, the “Reggae Revival” and much more.

Listen to the interview to find out
* What life is like on the Dread Bus
* Why it’s the “Dread & Terrible Project” and not an album or EP
* What the tracks on the project was inspired by
* If there’s an album on the way
* If the “Rastaman Wheel Out” mini movie was inspired by “Rockers”
* About his aspiration to act, and if he would ever put his music career on hold
* What his thought’s are on the “Reggae Revival”
* And much more

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