Cobra to drop Cultural Album

The album titled The Other Side of the Coin shows the versatility of the artiste as he goes cultural, tackling issues about life and offering social commentary over rhythms that are less up tempo.

According to the artiste, he wanted to show another side to his musical persona because his fans always perceived him to be hardcore. “It was our intention to show the calm side because they brand me as a rude boy, this album is cultural and fun,” he said.

Mad Cobra

The album features reggae artistes Gramps Morgan, Gyptian, Big Beast and veteran singer Ronnie Thwaites with whom a remix was done for the 90s classic Rain A Fall.

According to the artiste, the type of collaborations goes to show the difference in material.

The Other Side of the Coin is produced by Mikey Steer, Flava Squad, Walk Way 30, Jerome Phoenix and Black Shadow and will be distributed by Cobra and City Lock which is a German-based distribution company.

Mad Cobra says that he hopes it makes the same progress like previous albums Helta Skelta, and Colombia Records-produced Hard to Wet Easy to Dry.

The artiste, who is no stranger to international success having collaborations with R Kelly, Toni Braxton and Run DMC, says that this album is similar in quality to his most successful works where quality is concerned, therefore he believes it will be just as successful.

The CD has 19 exclusive songs and one remix. According to the artiste, all engines are in motion for the September release.

“We are currently fine tuning everything but it is already completed,” he said.

Mad Cobra recently returned from Barbados where he says he had a sold out concert, and he is due to leave the island for Canada where he will start his one-month tour ending this summer in England.

The album will be available on iTunes for sale upon its release. Mad Cobra is also featured in a movie soon to be released called Tape.

Source: jamaica-star


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