Code Red Paints Christmas 2009 ‘RED’

Typically for a sound this successful, their Christmas season starts in late November and doesn’t end ‘til the second week in January, but to keep this short, let’s just focus on December.


“This Christmas season was the busiest for us since we started the sound back in 2001”, says Master Lee, CEO and Director of the Code Red Music Group. “We were booked for all the prime events in Kingston through the season; Riddim and Booze, Dip, Osmosis, Bar Code, Soire, Winter Barrage, Yush and both 11:59 and Mimosa on New Years Eve. Plus on all these nights we were double booked with either office parties, like the one we did for NCB Capital Market, or rural dates like Ms. Conduct the yearly main event in Maypen, Clarendon. During the week there was an event series called “Tek It To Dem Tuesdays” that we were the resident sound for and we had dates in various clubs like the Building, the Pure/Plush nightclub where we performed alongside Elephant Man, and at the grand opening of “Club Privilege”, says Master Lee.

“Actually, you can say that we were triple booked through the season”, adds Zj Rush, co-owner of Code Red. “While all of those dates were happening, we were also on our second Africa club tour for 2009. Me and Master Lee went to Gabon, Africa for the first time earlier this year to rep for Code Red in the mother land, it was an amazing experience. We were so well received that the President of Gabon had us brought back for their National Christmas and New Years Eve celebrations. We decided this time to pass the baton on to the new generation of Code Red, Dj Lank. He left on Christmas Eve to fly for two days to get there for his first of 5 dates starting Boxing Day. It was a series that lasted until January 2nd 2010 with only a day or two of rest in between. He did exceptionally well over there and as a camp we’re extremely proud of his growth as a selector”, says Zj Rush.


The two dates at which they stood out the most were Osmosis at the Caymanas Golf Club, and Yush at the Indoor National Arena. At both events Zj Rush played to sold out crowds in excess of 4000 people. At Osmosis he performed alongside the veteran Jazzy T who set the pace, but Zj Rush took it to the next level by sliding into the mix the ultra creative remixes that he has become famous for in the streets and on Zip Fm. Yush was an even crazier vibe, this time the unexpected fusing of 90’s riddims with nowadays songs took the energy to an insane level. “This is the kind of preparation we put into all these high profile events. It’s not jus what you do on the night, it’s what you do to ‘plan’ for the night that will mek you tek an event”, says Zj Rush.

Not many sound systems can handle this many dates in one short, cramped season, but with the combined talents of Zj Rush, Blade, Chris Dymond, Dj Lank and their part-time selector Dj Skribble; this sound system certainly rose to the occasion.

When you add to all of this that while the sound was booked solid and performing almost nightly, Master Lee simultaneously launched the group’s record label Code Red Records and it’s debut riddim “ENEMY LINES”, it becomes clear that it was their goal to make this not a white Christmas, but an unmistakably ‘red’ one.

Bookings for both Code Red Sound and Zj Rush are handled by Master Lee who can be contacted at 876 399 4183 or by email at [email protected]. They can also be contacted via their website or their Facebook Group. Alternately they can be contacted through Headline Entertainment. at 876 754 1526.

Photos: Skkan Media + Rockwildaz